Branding and Social Media Interaction

Branding and social media — they fit together so well, yet neither are fully understood. While social media serves as a gigantic megaphone for your brand, on the down-side, social media tools like Facebook and Twitter also offer business the opportunity to shoot itself in the figurative foot, unless it has a social media policy that is well executed.

Social Media and Brands

  • How are people using social media to interact with brands?
  • How are companies using the power of social media to reach more customers?
  • Who is most receptive to brands on Twitter? How about on Facebook?

Now there is Google+ too, but it’s still too early to tell what will come of it, many of the major companies are taking on the additional network. So far, it seems the main differences are Facebook’s applications and advertisers versus Google+’s Hangouts feature.

It’s time to reveal the relationship between branding and social media.

Researchers asked a variety of questions about how Internet users like to get updates about brands, where they like to hang out online, the kinds of people brand managers can expect to encounter in the social media universe, and whether prospective customers prefer to interact with brands on social media. These are the results: