Ebooks, or Digital Paper...

Ebooks are digital brochures that have all the visual appeal of their paper versions, but are delivered via a website or as a CD presentation, and even via email.

Globally, digital publishing using ebooks is a growing trend that is revolutionising traditional publishing. The look and feel of traditional paper media is replicated at a small fraction of the cost. Ebooks are different to the usual web offerings, and get more attention.

The Advantages of Ebooks:

  • They can be produced very cost-effectively from PDFs of existing paper publications.
  • There is no printing cost, or costly reprints for mistakes.
  • Ebooks are perfect for emailing, saving time, paper and distribution costs.
  • After downloading, they are cached on your computer and open quickly.
  • Hyperlinks can be embedded so customers can click in an ebook and be taken to added online content such as videos, pricing or latest specials and vouchers.
  • They are perfect in fast changing industries such as real estate, travel or retail.
  • EBooks are suitable for use as in-store or window displays on LCD screens.
  • Ebooks can target a global market for your catalogue or publication.
  • Ebooks are easily fowarded, and can become viral in distribution.

Sample eBooks

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Fast Delivery: 

The fastest couriers fail in comparison to the instant delivery of the Internet. All that is required is to browse to the page, open the eBook, and readi it. This means that publishers are able to update their eBook content fast and easily, especially if errors in the work are discovered after 'publication'.. no more reprinting costs.

Small file sizes: 

The biggest of books become small when they are converted to eBooks. Whether you are publishing a huge 1000-page manual or a little 10-page booklet, the file will always be small enough to email.

Storage capability: 

Thanks to the compression of the eBook format, vast information can be easily stored for quick access. Travel agents brochures for all countries available in one file, real estate agents complete listings for the group all in one convenient package... the list of uses for eBooks goes on.

Interactivity and other capabilities: 

inserting bookmarks and hyperlinks are easy in eBooks, as is embedding sound and video – unimaginable in traditional paper publications.

Low production costs: 

As eBooks do not involve printing costs, storing, or even shipping, publishers overheads are far lower, which translates to lower costs to consumers and geater competitiveness.

HTML and Flash 

Each time you use your internet browser, whether it's Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or any other, you are looking at HTML pages. Your eBook is a Flash file presented within HTML page, and you simply open it in any browser. Ebooks - A very elegant solution.

If you have more questions about ebooks and how they work, please contact us.

(eBooks are also known as flipping page books, digital paper, online books or ereader.)


eBook Sample