Email Marketing

Thinking Email Marketing?

Email marketing is gaining in prominence as businesses seek the most effective return on their marketing spend.

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Our Email Marketing delivery continues to grow as more and more customers take advantage of the great service and results we provide - we are your expert on delivery and email marketing best practices. Customers of all sizes and from a diverse range of industries are benefitting from strategic guidance and skilled campaign management. Here are a couple of recent examples of customers who have maximized their results by partnering with us to execute their email marketing campaigns:

A-Team Travel Marketing  See an email example here.
Toga Hospitality Group, Australia  See an email example here.


The Five-Step Process of Email Marketing

DIY or let us manage your emails

1. Start using a permission-based email software, such as ours, that allows you to easily create newsletters, automatically manage subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces, and view reporting statistics like opens and clickthroughs.

2. Decide on the type and frequency of email communication you will be sending. We recommend sending at least a monthly newsletter. You can certainly send multiple newsletters if you sell different types of products. You can also send promotional messages offering a discount or coupon for a product or service.

3. Add a signup form to your web site so you can start collecting subscribers and import any existing lists of subscribers that have already requested your communications.

4. Create a good email template by using our custom design services, and include elements of your web site to mimic the look and feel within your email marketing.

5. Develop quality, relevant content for your newsletter or message and send it out to your list. Continue sending your newsletters, announcements, or promotions with consistent frequency. As your list grows, you will notice increased traffic (and if applicable, increased sales) on the day of and the days following an email send.

Email Marketing as an option

The goal of all marketing is to attract interest in, build desire for, and generate sales of your products or services. Email marketing is a perfect medium to pick up where other marketing leaves off. Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to contact prospects and customers.

Email marketing is far cheaper than traditional bulk postage mail and in many cases can have a much larger impact on immediate sales and long-term relationship strength than traditional advertising.

When done correctly, email marketing can be an extremely powerful and effective marketing technique.

Email marketing is a medium that allows a buyer and seller to freely communicate with one another and build a relationship based on value and trust. When done incorrectly, however, email marketing can be destructive, erode brand equity, and turn your happy clients into ex-customers very quickly. Building a relationship with your email marketing provider who designs and delivers your messages is crucial to a consistent and measured relationship with your clients.

Email Marketing Tips

Here is what we feel are the ten most important tips for anyone managing the email marketing process.

1. Only send emails to persons who have requested to receive them.

2. Only include content relevant to the type of content the person has requested.

3. Be consistent with your sending frequency. Pick a schedule, whether it is weekly, biweekly, or monthly and as often as you can stick to that schedule.

4. In most cases it is best to send business to business emails Tuesday through Thursday. We’ve found that the best times of the day to send are just after the start of the day around 9:30am or just after lunch around 1:30pm. It is best to avoid sending business to business emails after 4pm or on weekends.

5. In most cases it is best to send business to consumer emails either between 5pm and 8pm Tuesday through Thursday or between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

6. To improve deliverability, add a message at the top of your emails that says something like: “To ensure receipt of our emails, please add to your Address Book.”

7. Make the From Name for your messages either your company name or the name of a person at your company. Once you choose a From Name, keep it consistent. During the split second decision subscribers make whether to open your email, the most important factor in their decision is whether the From Name is familiar to them.

8. Be sure to include both a plain text and an HTML version of your newsletter. Our email marketing software will automatically detect which subscribers can view the HTML message and which can only see the plain text message. If you don’t include a plain text message, around 5% of your recipients will see a message with nothing in it.

9. Don’t use all caps or multiple exclamation marks within your subject line or body. Doing this will trigger spam filters.

10. Build your list at every opportunity you have. If you have a retail location, add a point-of-sale sign-up form. At conferences or events, bring a paper sign-up form or have a laptop with a sign-up form set up and available for interested parties. Finally, add your newsletter signup form to every page on your web site.