Facebook Booking Button Setup

SiteMinder's 'TheBookingButton' now live on Facebook

Online hotel distributor, SiteMinder, has made its direct reservation product, ‘TheBookingButton’, available on Facebook, allowing hotels to sell rooms directly on their own Facebook page.

The new Facebook application is available for SiteMinder customers and helps hotels generate tangible revenue from their Facebook page.

Example: Chifley Geelong fan page with TheBookingButtonIntegration of TheBookingButton with Facebook – the world’s second most popular website after Google with 700 million plus users – will enable people to directly book rooms on hotels’ Facebook pages, opening up a lucrative new, commission-free selling mechanism for hoteliers.

Facebook is a very powerful communication and selling tool and this milestone move means that people can now view live inventory and rates and book accommodation on a hotel’s Facebook page just as they would on the hotel’s website. Hotels can also use TheBookingButton’s online reporting system to gauge how many reservations have come through their new ‘Facebook channel’.

TheBookingButton integrates seamlessly into hotels’ own websites – and now also their Facebook pages – and into SiteMinder’s Channel Manager which enables hoteliers to list their rooms on dozens of booking sites around the world.

For an example of the new Facebook application, see TheBookingButton Fan Page

Setting up 'TheBookingButton' is painless

Simply contact us and we do it all for you - for the low, one-off cost of NZ$100.


TheBookingButton will be up and running on your Facebook page within 6 hours of
receiving the information needed to complete the installation, or there is no charge!