The Art of Facebook Page Design

Facebook Business Page Design (Fan Pages)

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Fanpage before Social Outbreak

Standard Fanpage before enhancement

Social media has been the buzz for a few years now, with many businesses attempting to increase business performance, build brand recognition and create revenue streams through the ever increasing number of social media applications.

Facebook applications allow page owners to effectively turn their business (fan) page into a website, and a multitude of powerful options become available to a savvy marketer.

Fanpage using Social Outbreak

Enhanced Fanpage with social interaction

However, the use of these pages by businesses has been limited by the ability of the staff/owners of the business to create well designed and effective pages for their Facebook sites.
This is where Exclamationmark comes in. We are experts at setting up fan pages in Facebook, and work with a number of business owners to create and install professional designs. The cost involved is very low... Get a free quote!

Take a look at some of our Facebook Business Page designs to see what we are capable of, then contact us - we will get your page up and running within 48 hours.


Some of our Fan Page designs:

Webman Social Media Webman Social Media Ginger Group Ginger Group
Blackstone Clothing Blackstone Clothing Susanna Kruger Susanna Kruger
Rarotonga Beach Bungalows Rarotonga Beach Bungalows Insurance Tailors Insurance Tailors


Another option - Social Outbreak

The word is out. If you want your business to grow in the 21st century, you have got to learn to leverage social media. But, therein lays the rub - you're a business person, not a social media expert. So the question becomes this: where do you find the time to leverage social media when your time is already spread thin across all of your other business responsibilities? The answer?

Social Outbreak

See how we can help you set up your own Social Media Revolution.