Web Design and Hosting

Businesses with a website are performing better*

*MYOB Business Report

One third of
New Zealand businesses now have their own business website*

*MYOB Business Report

Businesses with a website have consistently higher revenue performance*

*MYOB Business Report

Need a new website?

Whether it's a make-over of your current website or a fresh, new look you're after, our creative team will design you a contemporary website tailored to fit your design and performance parameters.

Simple DIY web maintenance with a CMS

For anyone familiar with MS Word or similar, you'll find making edits simple. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and you can make edits to your website. Your edits go live the instant you hit the SAVE button, or at the moment of your choice. That means no more waiting while your web designer adds your alterations to their workflow!
Plus we use a CMS that was developed right here in New Zealand - the same one that ran the entire Barack Obama election campaign site, easily handling millions of hits per day, yet so simple that anyone on the staff can make changes with it.

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Mobile Websites

Crucial to your business if you are targeting the huge mobile phone browser market. These miniture versions of your website are created with a tiny screen in mind and are intentionally very lightweight, allowing fast loading and ease of viewing - while presenting your brand and products in a professional and user friendly manner. A mobile website is a précis of your main site - a condensed and targeted version that cuts out most images and processor hungry coding that is typical of websites.

View our Top Ten Reasons to have a mobile web site.

See our mobile site as an example... browse to it on your phone or click the link below, it will open in a small window, simulating the typical mobile screen size:


xmark.mobi on iPhone

Make life simple - Let us manage your online requirements

We offer a robust web hosting service which provides unmetered* space, traffic and email mailboxes - all for the all-in-one cost of just $50 per month. This is not just a hosting fee - it is peace of mind, knowing that we are looking after your site even when you aren't aware of it... correcting your spelling and grammar, tweaking your images to load faster, and much more.
We keep things simple and let you use what you need without the worry of further charges. This way you know exactly what you're paying for and there are no hidden costs.
*"unmetered" means unlimited space, mailboxes, and traffic (but we don't allow very high traffic or morally dodgy sites).

Key features

  • Personal attention to detail
  • Unmetered space
  • Unmetered traffic
  • As many email addresses as you need
  • Webmail access

Want your website to be higher in search rankings?

There isn't a magic way of getting an instantly high PageRank website - it takes constant care and gradual tweaking.

To make an impression in search results, you really need to utilise a dedicated search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist.

Excellent search results don’t happen overnight, and to achieve the best results, your company should aim for a long-term strategy, allowing adjustments to be made to your website over time. Further to this, it takes time for updates or optimisation to your website to be recognised by the search engines, and even longer before your page ranking is affected.

Search engine optimisation is a specialised service, so if you want to improve your website's ranking, call us today and we'll introduce you personally to a proven SEO expert and industry leader to help you get all that's possible from your website.

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Google Search Optimization

Achieving results with your website

Great web design is one of the best ways for a company to maximize its online marketing efforts. Complementing our web design, we also offer search engine optimization to our clients as an external specialist service, so that they can fully benefit from having an expert in the field optimise their site. This is the best way to drive traffic to client websites, making product sales and brand recognition really happen for them.

Effective website design converts prospects browsing the website into actual customers. As a web design company, we utilise a variety of people during our web design process, like graphic designers, copywriters and marketing analysts. The websites conceived by them employ all the elements of effective advertising, like persuasive language and intuitive website layout. The website designs include both functionality and suitability for their intended audience. Our simple yet powerful content management system (CMS) makes certain that websites are easily updated on a regular basis, and that it can scale with the company's needs as it grows.

Our websites are built to the latest web standards in order to be accessible to all standards-compliant browsers. All websites built employ the web languages of CSS and XHTML. The reason for using these languages is that the sites have faster loading times, require far less effort for  the upkeep of the site, and have better compatibility across multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Facebook for Business

Using facebook for businesses is a good idea if it is done out properly. It is free to use, but can be expensive if done badly.

Every day, millions of Facebook members log in to their accounts to update and stay updated. It is however, no longer just a way to keep in touch with mates. Facebook is used by almost all brands, companies and small businesses to leverage their sales and marketing campaigns. The higher the number of 'Likes' on a fan page, the more popular it becomes among all users of Facebook. 

With Facebook search, results are compiled according to the number of likes a page has. If you search for a business or the name of a company, the results are shown in the order of the most to least 'Likes'. You even get shown how many of your friends like the page. This shows that Facebook fans play a large role in your page's visibilty and really matter to your business.

To find out more about getting your fan page visitors to 'Like' your business page, see our Social Media and Social Outbreak Design page.